4.8571 (7) Reviews Advanced Driving

BY: Wilplan Training Ltd

Review Breakdown
Customer Service4.5714
Training Received4.8571
Value for Money4.7143

Price: £995

Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Advanced Driving + RoSPA



This advanced driving course is designed for people who drive as part of their professional responsibilities including those who drive:

  • Thousands of business miles per year
  • At peak times
  • To new locations
  • To meet a deadline
  • Whilst under pressure to respond to work-related phone calls
  • In unfamiliar vehicles


The course significantly improves driving skills and risk management on the road. In addition, the qualification gained proves a high standard of driving to both current and potential employers. It also serves employers to enable them to evidence their commitment to driver safety at work and as a direct result reduce the likelihood of driving related incidents or injuries, often reducing personal or business insurance.

Course Content

  • System of Car Control
  • Observation & Hazard Perception
  • Positioning
  • Cornering
  • Overtaking
  • Parking & Manoeuvring
  • Motorway Driving
  • Personal Safety & Security
  • Highway Code and Motoring Matters
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5 RoSPA Advanced Driving

I attended yet another excellent Wilplan Training course. The RoSPA Advanced driving course trained and instructed by Kevin Tait was extremely professional, helped me gain valuable driving skills and knowledge of how to risk manage when on the road. The s ... (read more)

5 Advanced Driving & RoSPA including Security & Protective Advanced Driving

Wilplan Training have some of the best trainer around with Kevin Tait and Mike Playfoot! Having come from Singapore and doing a driving course over in the UK, it was hard for me at first initially, especially with the advanced driving portion and having t ... (read more)

5 Think twice

It pays to think twice if you think you're a good driver, you're not. I thought I was until I attended and completed the 5 day SPAD course. Now I know I am, thanks to industry leading instructors like Kevin Tait and Mike Plyfoot. I'll be back for my refre ... (read more)

5 Passed Gold standard

The Advanced driving coures is delivered by a great instruct that wont seat there belittling your driving but build you up quickly to a good stander and have you ready to sit the RoSPA test with confidence. I really did enjoy this coures and have found im ... (read more)

5 SPAD course

Did this course to assist with my personal development as a CPO, with a view to gaining work in this field. 95% of the course is practical, with plenty of time at the wheel. Roadcraft and highway code provided. very good instruction from Kevin, who de ... (read more)

4 best training

The level of training I received was first class. Bob and Ian are very knowledgeable on all the weapon systems we covered they teach in a relaxed easy manner and for me most importantly are up to speed on current practices, drills and skills.

5 Level 3 advanced driving course

Great course, great instruction. Best 5 days I've spent in a car. Would highly recommend them.