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Value for Money4.9360


This course is open to anyone, weather you are interested in Firearms, looking for some training in Firearms or specialised Firearms Training in any field of life.

Your dedicated instructor will create a package to suit your individual objectives either as part of a small group (no more than 4 people) or on a one to one training basis with exclusive range use.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced firearms handler, if you do not continually fire and practice weapon drills, your skill set does fade and your reaction times will become longer in alleviating problems.

The instructor will quickly assess your current level of competency and you will work with you to improve your knowledge, safety and competency, to obtain your skill set and accuracy to the highest standard achievable.

If you require a course, please book on line or give us a ring to discuss your needs and requirements on Telephone: 0844 5874525 or drop an email to:

mailto: info@shootingtrainingsolutions.co.uk

Location: South West

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5 STS Bespoke Training

Fantastic 2-day course. Fits  in everything you need to know for competent weapons handling without feeling rushed or unsafe. This training has given me a good foundation to use skill at arms in my profession with a clear development plan for future trai ... (read more)

5 Sts course

Fantastic and very well presented course run by Mark. Made it very easy to understand the weapons I used which were the M4 and Ak47. I only had time to fit it in 1 day but his experience in teaching made it clear and understanding for me to now go onto my ... (read more)

5 First class instruction and training

Mark provided us with an intensive 2 day course on the M4 platform. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable and hats off to him for bringing 4 of us up to speed on safe handling and basic marksmanship in such a short space of time even with the ad ... (read more)

5 2 Days Bespoke M4 course

I had my first training course completed with Mark back to 2 years ago when I knew he was the professional instructor you could find in the country.  This year we are planning to join DSEI exhibition with our M4 relevant products which requires all our a ... (read more)

5 Amazing experience with a true expert

Mark surpassed my expectations in every way. It was a wonderful experience and Mark's knowledge and teaching methods are second to none. I can thoroughly recommend STS for any firearms training need. Thanks again Mark!

5 MP5 Training

Training was absolutely outstanding!! Mark knows his business and is a very skilled instructor!  I flew in all the way from Japan and it was well worth the jet lag!!!  I hope to return ASAP!!!

5 Exceptional Training

We have just completed a 2-day pistol course which was a continuation from an introduction course we did last year. Mark’s teaching methods as well as structure of the courses are designed to build competence and confidence fast through a safety-first a ... (read more)

5 Bespoke Firearms Course

I received many years of weapons training whilst in the military, and went on to complete several basic, to advanced level courses whilst working in the private security sector. I’ve had excellent instructors in the past with diverse backgrounds ranging ... (read more)

5 Outstanding

I asked Mark Knowles of STS to provide a course of tuition in pistol  safety and weapons handling, he more then exceeded  my expectations. Mark is a highly experienced tutor whose emphasis on safety is of the highest quality his knowledge of the correct ... (read more)

5 Excellent course

Had a fantastic one to one weekend course. Very intensive and full of content. Excellent tuition from Mark and loking forward to getting out to France for a week course.