4.9913 (115) Reviews Bespoke Firearms Courses (Using various weapons systems, pistols and M4's)

BY: Shooting Training Solutions Limited

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Customer Service4.9825
Training Received4.9825
Value for Money4.9464


This course is open to anyone, weather you are interested in Firearms, looking for some training in Firearms or specialised Firearms Training in any field of life.

Your dedicated instructor will create a package to suit your individual objectives either as part of a small group (no more than 4 people) or on a one to one training basis with exclusive range use.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced firearms handler, if you do not continually fire and practice weapon drills, your skill set does fade and your reaction times will become longer in alleviating problems.

The instructor will quickly assess your current level of competency and you will work with you to improve your knowledge, safety and competency, to obtain your skill set and accuracy to the highest standard achievable.

If you require a course, please book on line or give us a ring to discuss your needs and requirements on Telephone: 0844 5874525 or drop an email to:

mailto: info@shootingtrainingsolutions.co.uk

Location: South West

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5 Excellent level of training

Having had very limited experience with firearms I was amazed at how quickly Mark instilled safety procedures and drills to myself and the other members of the course. With his disciplined approach to instructing and his attention to detail we all finishe ... (read more)

5 Excellent Weapon Safety and Shooting Training

I've previously received weapon safety and shooting training, but never experienced anything like this. Mark was incredibly knowledgable if not a bit tough and insisted on breaking all old habits, instilling confidence and capability in the process. His s ... (read more)

5 Excellent & superior training

This is our second time training with Mark. It was planned as a follow on from the Special Forces Firearms Experience 2-day course we undertook early this year. The bespoke course focus was on primary weapons, 1-day AK74 and 1-day M4 giving a deeper under ... (read more)

5 Another excellent weekend!

This was my second time on a two-day weekend course with Mark, working primarily on the AK-47 and and M4 systems. Mark is an extremely patient and meticulous instructor, always emphasising safety first, but who also sets the pace expertly so that each stu ... (read more)

5 Exceptional training

Returned for more training. Increasing pace and complexity Mark ramps up the intensity each time. I feel myself becoming more relaxed and natural with every session. He really is an excellent teacher who knows how to get the best from a trainee. 0ver 30 y ... (read more)

5 Bespoke 3 days course

The course is very well organised. After the training you will gain confidence to handle automatic weapons, handguns and bolt action rifles. The trainer is the real deal with a Special Force background, he had also worked as a Trainer for the Special Forc ... (read more)

5 Superb 'one to one' training and instruction - Highly recommended!

I went to Shooting Training Solutions looking to get a refresher in my NSP drills on different weapon systems and maybe receive some extra knowledge. Instead, I got so much more than that in the solid 2-day Bespoke training course over the weekend. Nobby ... (read more)

5 Trained by the trainer of the Special Force

It has be a pleasure and an honour to be trained by a real member of the Special Force. The 3 days training gave me a foundation to improve my weapons handling skills and shooting skills. I went home with a confidence and a basic knowledge base which I ca ... (read more)

5 Bespoke Firearms Course

Spend two days with Mark, went through everything needed to know. Fantastic teacher, highly knowledgeable, skilled and professional. Was keen to return back for day two, made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I finished the two day course with more underst ... (read more)

5 Bespoke Firearms Course

I never write reviews but the past couple of days have been superb.  Nobby provides an excellent service, from the first contact, with clear & concise comms and an excellent, safe, relaxed and well run course.  His experience and knowledge shine thr ... (read more)