4.9902 (102) Reviews Bespoke Firearms Courses (Using various weapons systems, pistols and M4's)

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Customer Service4.9802
Training Received4.9802
Value for Money4.9495


This course is open to anyone, weather you are interested in Firearms, looking for some training in Firearms or specialised Firearms Training in any field of life.

Your dedicated instructor will create a package to suit your individual objectives either as part of a small group (no more than 4 people) or on a one to one training basis with exclusive range use.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced firearms handler, if you do not continually fire and practice weapon drills, your skill set does fade and your reaction times will become longer in alleviating problems.

The instructor will quickly assess your current level of competency and you will work with you to improve your knowledge, safety and competency, to obtain your skill set and accuracy to the highest standard achievable.

If you require a course, please book on line or give us a ring to discuss your needs and requirements on Telephone: 0844 5874525 or drop an email to:

mailto: info@shootingtrainingsolutions.co.uk

Location: South West

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5 Bespoke pistol training

Nobby has a not only a vast experience of the use of weapons but also in training people like me. He acted  with curtesy and patience at all times helping me to achieve my objectives. Safe and competent pistol handling and  not dropping magazines out on ... (read more)

5 Excellent

Having just completed my course, I have walked away confident with weapons handling, drills and most importantly the safety aspects of firearms and the dangers that go with them.  Mark tailors the training to your individual needs  and is very patient w ... (read more)

5 You will learn a lot and quickly

The best thing I can say about Mark as a trainer is that he is so very patient. He puts you at ease instantly and enviroment is very relaxed which is exactly what you want from an instructor  when learning to use a firearm, especially if you don't have a ... (read more)

5 Exceptional course!

I Recently completed a course with mark knowles and could not be happier with how the two days went, mark is great at what he does and you can tell he really knows his stuff it was so Interesting to hear about his Experiences whilst learning. I learned ex ... (read more)

5 Shooting training solutions 2 day firearms course

Mark Knowles is without a doubt the best teacher I've ever had in my life. All of his experience, knowledge and instruction makes the course that much better than anywhere else. I enjoyed the course so much and feel like i gained tons of knowledge from th ... (read more)

5 Bespoke Course 2018

Fantastic experience and top quality training.  Pay attention and listen to his every word; his experience spans decades and his knowledge on the subject is vast!  Mark tailors the course to suit your needs and gives solid training on the weapons cove ... (read more)

5 Bespoke Fire Arms Course

I spent two days with Mark, running through absolutely everything I need to know about the SA80, this was invaluable to me as it will help me in my future career, Marks knowledge of the subject was exceptional and was able to explain everything very, very ... (read more)

5 Great introduction

There is a reason Mark only gets five-star reviews on here. I had no previous experience with firearms before joining, but Mark carried me along slowly but surely towards a firmer knowledge. Mark has spent his life handling weapons in all kinds of friendl ... (read more)

5 Bespoke Course with Shooting Training Solutions

Fantastic training course, Mark is the real deal and his years and wealth of experience make it a privilege and honour to train with him. Content, material and instruction are superlative. I would highly recommend if you are looking to train with the best ... (read more)

5 Shooting Training Solutions

Bespoke Firearms ExperienceWhat can I say.... Mark 'Nobby' Knowles is one of the most genuine guys I have had the pleasure to meet. Upon first meeting he was friendly and down to earth, he made me feel very welcome and relaxed.  His knowledge and experie ... (read more)