Close Protection Course


Price: £1950

Qualification: Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection (QCF)


Acquire high skills in the assessment and management of high-risk and threats of VIP. Proactive protection on-site and dynamic on moving. Team Management.

 Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative

Threat And Risk Assessment

Conflict Management

Surveillance Awareness

Operational Planning & Interpersonal Skills

Teamwork (dispatching and diff. patrols) / briefing

Coding and Data Protection (operational plan, personal data)

Reconnaissance and assessment

 Notebook and Technological Tools

Close Protection Foot Drills

Sniping / Counter-Sniping

VehicleDebus / Embus & Emergency evacuation

Venue Security

Residential Security & Protective Corporate

Residential Security & Protective Corporate

 Search Procedure

Incident Management

First Aid Medic

Security Driving


Final synthesis exercice:
Profiling, Threat & Risk assessment, Operational Plan, residential, Medic, extraction QRF, moving and convoy. Débriefing/Incident report in relation with “friendly forces”.

Price: 2500 euro ALL INCLUSIVE

Location: Europe

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