5.0000 (9) Reviews FEAR Training Course (Firearms, Explosives & Ammunition Recognition)

BY: Shooting Training Solutions Limited

Review Breakdown
Customer Service5.0000
Training Received5.0000
Value for Money5.0000


A combined 5 day Explosive, ammunition and Firearms recognition course run by 2 instructors that have some 70 years of operational experience in the fields of EOD and weapons training. This Bespoke course is run for organizations that are in areas of extreme danger, gathering important information on weapons and explosive ordnance.

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5 The utmost recommended course!

I had been so much looking forward to attending this course and one main thing I can say is that this course succeeded in reaching all of my expectations and more! With a variety of attendees (more or less experienced), we all learned something and it ch ... (read more)

5 FEAR training

I had the pleasure of attending the FEAR course and being an absolute beginner to this, felt after the four days, I learnt so much.  The course is intensive, both class-room and hands on; so a great way of learning and interacting with the subject matter ... (read more)

5 Highly recommended

The key to this course is focussed attention to detail: the critical element to working safely and effectively in the proximity of firearms and explosives. If you want to learn every variant of SIG pistol ever manufactured and be an armchair firearms expe ... (read more)

5 The very best by a wide margin

The methods used in this course derive from 40 years of SF experience and an equivalent dose of C-IED and ammunition technical expertise. I cannot imagine anything beating it. The course is perfectly balanced to deliver skills training in the safest and m ... (read more)

5 Training from consummate professionals

The FEAR course provides a hands-on practical introduction to the basics of firearms, explosive theory, conventional ammunition recognition and IED tactics and means of deployment. The instructor to student ratio was 2 to 4 providing an intense but highly ... (read more)

5 Great crash course in firearms, explosives and ammunition safety and recognition

I mean "crash course" in the best possible sense. Our group was mixed; some with previous military and de-mining experience while others had no such relevant experience. The training was extremely valuable for all regardless of prior experience (or lack t ... (read more)

5 Targeted expertise

I recently attended a five-day bespoke course as part of my work for an organisation that documents weapons, ammunition, and related materiel that has been recovered from armed actors in conflict environments. This course, run by two instructors with unpa ... (read more)

5 Serious and professional instruction

I received several days' training, followed by a practical exam, from STS-instructor Mark "Nobby" Knowles, as mandated by my organisation prior to deployments to document small arms flows in conflict-affected environments. The course was detailled and cha ... (read more)

5 A concentrate of knowledge and skills from world-class instructors.

The weeklong experience was part of an in-house training by our organization and aimed at improving our practical skills when deployed for documentation in war affected areas.  Certainly the best training I attended, regardless the field. Instructors are ... (read more)