IQ Level 5 Certificate for Modern Information Protection Professionals (E-Learning)


Price: £1200

Qualification: IQ Level 5 Certificate (150 Hours)


Welcome to the iSMTA and our Modern Information Protection Professional Course at Level 5, which is certified by Industry Qualifications (IQ) who are approved by qualification regulators in the UK.

Information Protection has been a necessary part of Organisations and Business since they began. The need to protect information, data, Brand reputation, the workforce, profits and trade secrets has been daily activity the value of which is often only recognised when something goes wrong. Every Organisation or Business will have some information protection measures in place, with most security protective measures being so normal that they are a simple part of our everyday lives. Being protective about plans, salaries, employee data, medical information and trade secrets are just such examples. The explosion of social media has brought us to an age where there is a plethora of personal, private and Business information available with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Therefore Information Protection needs to be ever-changing, to adapt to changing threats, to changing needs and to our ever-changing world. Information Protection must continue to modernise to maintain its value and effectiveness. Those employed to advise on Information Protection need to keep up-to-date too. Qualifying through this programme is an excellent way to be a Modern Information Protection Professional and provides a perfect pathway to further Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Our iSMTA Level 5 Information Security Training Courses can be taken as a single Level 5 Award, or combined with 2 other Awards at the same level and a compulsory Research Management Award to create a Level 5 Diploma.

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