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BY: Shooting Training Solutions Limited

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Qualification: Land based Firearms Competency Certificate


This course is designed in cooperation with some of the leading Security Company providers. The requirement was to provide a 2-day course to bring Security Contractors up to date with the weapon systems that are currently used within this industry.

The course will teach safe competent drills with an easy to understand teach philosophy that will make you feel confident and capable with any weapon after completing the course.

The course will include:

Detailed joining instructions, 2 days lunches with refreshments throughout the training, weapons, ammunition and safety equipment on the range including body armour, pro-active ear defenders and certification on successfully passing the course.

Subjects taught include:

Principles of Marksmanship
Detailed Weapons Brief
Safety Handling Drills
Firearms competency with multipule semi automatic weapons
Immediate Action Drills and Reloads
Snap Shooting
Multiple Target Acquisition
Shooting from various positions including from cover
Pistol Drills from primary to secondary weapon systems
Strong and weak hand effective shooting
Bolt Action Rifles
Stripping, Cleaning and Assembly of all weapons
Weapons Handling Tests
Your instructor has the experience and knowledge of environments that need good, slick weapon drills and has specifically designed this course so that a high standard can be achieved within the timescale allotted.

After the instructor has initially assessed the students level of competency, he will, through relaxed and professional coaching provide an intensive training package to ensure the student achieves maximum potential.

On successful completion of the course, a Certificate will be issued confirming that a safe level of competency in weapon handling for Land Based Operations has been achieved.

If you require a course please give us a ring on Telephone: 0844 5874525 or drop an email to: mailto: info@shootingtrainingsolutions.co.uk

Location: South West

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5 Land based firearms training

Location - easy access from London (2.5 hours) Accommodation                   Plenty of b+b within walking distance to training location Training area                  If your from a military background , you will feel at home       ... (read more)


Location- easy access from London                  Plenty of accommodation in surrounding area                  All acomodation within walking distance to training location


Great course well set out and will be back next year thank you Mark

5 Land based 2 Day Firearm Course

Following a lot of research prior to signing up for a firearms 2 day competency course, I am very pleased that we made the right choice with the shooting training solutions team. Mark had extensive knowledge and experience with the handling and use of a f ... (read more)

5 2 day land Base Firearms Course

Training with Mark on the 2 day land base Firearms  course on various weapons was better than none. Mark with his years of experience in the security industry  really helps onto those, especially trying to get into CP Work out on Hostile Environment.The ... (read more)

5 Land based 2 day course

The 2 day course was great value for money, in the two days I was able to learn and fire multiple weapon systems comfidently due to the vast amount of experience and knowledge. Mark is very accommodating and relaxed which eased the learning. I'd highly re ... (read more)

5 Best Firearms Training in the UK

I had a 2 day firearms course bespoked for me by Mark "Nobby" Knowles of Shooting Training Solutions as my intention is to eventually go back into the armed forces this year as a reservist. My Father was 22nd SAS Regiment so naturally I am biased and chos ... (read more)

5 Land Based 2 Day Course

Overall an excellent course which covers a huge amount in just two days. The training is intense but the drills are taught in a progressive way. The knowledge and experience of the instructor is immense and the lessons are taught in a simple, easy to und ... (read more)