Level 3 SIA Close Protection Course - London

BY: Associated Risks Group

Price: £2200

Qualification: Level 3 SIA Close Protection Operations


This 20 day course covers all the aspects of the SIA Close Protection qualification and much more besides. As well as including FPOS-I, we also include a Level 3 Advanced Surveillance qualification.

It has 5 live close protection and 5 surveillance exercises in locations across the UK. These exercises will cover various areas of Close Protection including:

Executive Protection (Kidnap & Ransom Policy)

Corporate Protection (BIA)

Diplomatic Protection

Hostile Protection

Celebrity Protection

The exercises will be conducted in various venues such as Museums, Restaurants, 5 star Hotels, Theatres, Shopping Centres etc.

The course also includes CV writing and Networking skills, Anti-Kidnap Plans, BIA plus much more at Consultancy Level. We could not possibly list all of the elements included in the course, as we include a great many "jewels" of information taken from decades in the industry that have real world application in ensuring you work towards being the best operator you can be. Please don't simply take what we say but take the time to look at the reviews we have collected from some of our students who have gone on to become part of the ARG family.

Our Close Protection training has been carefully designed by combining skills learnt from both civilian and Military Police Close Protection Units, to give you one of the most in-depth and comprehensive courses on the market. The course is not only aimed at ex-Forces and Police, but also at civilians wishing to enter the industry. It is designed to give potential close protection operatives the very best knowledge and skills required to start their career in protective security management. Each person that trains through us has the potential to represent us by working for us, so we have a vested interest in making sure that each person does not simply pass the SIA standard, but surpass it to reach the ARG standard. We will train you to become a thinker who can deal with a whole host of security issues, not simply someone in a suit.

Location: London

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