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Price: £1200

Qualification: Level 3 Award in Covert Surveillance Operations (endorsed by Highfield)



We are extremely proud to introduce our new Level 3 Covert Surveillance Operations course in Barcelona. We are already known for providing the highest standards in training and with our new Surveillance course, we continue these standards. As it stands, there is no other provider anywhere who offers the opportunity to train in one of the World’s major cities outside of the UK on a scale such as this. We are not simply passing you on to another organisation and claiming the course as our own. By working together with our partner company Omnis in Spain, a specialist solutions company set up by a former ARG student, we are providing ARG contend that is delivered by ARG directing staff. The course includes no less than 5 live exercises as well as further intelligence gathering exercises in the public domain and provides each applicant the opportunity to gain international experience in covert surveillance operations.

•    Level 3 Award in Covert Surveillance Operations (endorsed by Highfield)
•  ARG Certificate in Fundamentals of Open Source and Human Intelligence(OSINT/HUMINT)


• The five day course includes foot, mobile and technical surveillance with HUMINT and OSINT integrated as part of the course, to allow you to become a much more proficient operator in the real world. This is a progressive course that culminates in a surveillance exercises on each day with theory sessions and practical training each morning before each operation. This is all to build you up to the final operation that requires you to apply all that you have learned and will take you from gathering open source intelligence and planning the operation to deploying in mobile follow, then transitioning to foot and public transport. Not forgetting that you have your technical surveillance to utilize. Under careful supervision, this will be a long exercise where you could find yourself anywhere with only your training and your team to rely on.

What follows are the core elements. The course covers much more.

• Understand and apply the fundamentals of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
• Understand and apply the fundamentals of Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
• Understand the role and attributes of a surveillance operator
• Understand the legislation relevant to carrying out surveillance operations
• Know how to communicate effectively and covertly during surveillance operations
• Understand the fundamentals of the stages of surveillance
• How to conduct reconnaissance
• How to design, implement and present an operational plan
• To understand and conduct covert surveillance on foot
• To understand and conduct covert mobile surveillance
• To understand and to conduct covert surveillance using public transport
• To understand and conduct anti and counter surveillance drills
• To understand and apply the use of technical surveillance
• To understand and to conduct satellite tracking
• To understand and conduct actions on a compromise


• A truly unique opportunity to complete world class training that is unavailable from any other provider, anywhere.
• Unique experience of operating in one of the major Cities of the world.
• A new way of thinking and operating that will assist the operator to cope with the changing environments across Europe.
• You will operate in many environments
• You will complete no less than 5 live exercises out on the ground in the public domain, as well is additional recce exercises.
• We do not do death by power-point. Yes there are some theoretical elements, however we believe that under careful supervision and guidance, the best way to learn is to do it, debrief and then do it better. This is in our opinion, and the opinion of many former students and now experienced operators, the best way to learn in the real world.
• Before starting the course, you will be provided with an orientation pack containing a course brief, additional relevant material and an overview of key socio-cultural considerations relevant to Catalonian Barcelona.
• From the moment you enquire, you will have advisors at hand both within the UK and in Barcelona to advise and guide you
• From the moment you arrive at the airport in Barcelona, we will be there to meet you, advise you and take you to your accommodation. During this time you will receive further information to orientate you and build the foundation. Probably over a coffee or a cold drink.
• In order to help you during your time in Barcelona, we will provide you with a travel card that will allow you to make many journeys on trams, buses or on the Metro network.
• You become part of the ARG family and learn from a company who has not only trained government agencies and private organisations around the world, but also from a company who is currently operational in the world of surveillance, close protection, security risk management and intelligence. Furthermore, a company who’s door will remain open to you long after the course has finished.
• Free CPD events within the UK tailored around specific subjects, whether that be in firearms, close protection, intelligence and surveillance or another key industry area.

Contact us using one of the following methods and we can answer any questions you have and set you in the right direction:

Web:     www.arg.uk.com
Email:   training@arg.uk.com
Call:      +44 (0) 203 328 9505

Location: Europe

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