4.9766 (128) Reviews Maritime Refresher Course - 1 Day

BY: Shooting Training Solutions Limited

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Customer Service4.9375
Training Received4.9844
Value for Money4.9063


This course is open to anyone who has successfully completed and passed ANY Maritime Firearms Competency Course with any company.

This is the annual certification needed to continue working in the Maritime Industry as a PCASP.

The Maritime Firearms Competency certificate is valid for one year. If you have done a Maritime Firearms Competency Course this is the course you need to stay current and in date.

This course will ensure PCASP's continue their professional development in the Maritime sector and to concur with MSC. 1/Circ 1405/Rev.2 25 May 2012 and ISO 28007.

The Maritime Firearms Refresher Course will allow you to continue to work as a PCASP knowing you have in date, relevent training in line with the latest ISO 28007 guidelines and future requirements expected in the Maritime sector.

Location: South West

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5 STS Maritime Refresher Course

Brilliant course, Marks numbered method of teaching is extremely easy to follow and remember. this course covers more than just weapons and will open your eyes on the laws and companies in the industry.  would recommend STS courses to anyone inside and o ... (read more)

5 Maritime Firearms Refresher course

Excellent course once again. 

5 Excellent Training

A professional and thorough course giving value for money and unrivalled instruction from Mark "Nobby" Knowles. This is a full on day of well grounded and practical instruction covering a review of current legislation, instruction on a number of differe ... (read more)

5 Diligent Instruction

Even before I attended the refresher course I received the top rated service from such a professional. Mark provides good and clear instructions, setting the perfect environment and standards that reflects the high class quality of attending one of Mark's ... (read more)

5 Cocker Locker Safety

Another good visit to Nobby at STS. The day was nice and relaxed but thoroughly professional throughout. Lots of practical work and hands-on with a large variety of weapons (all currently used by PMSC's so all relevant) and a whole afternoon on the range. ... (read more)

5 Harry Von Hoofbats III

Third time through nobby now and probably the last (yeah cheers). Great knowledge on all weapon systems, well structured, good scran and at present, good value for money.

5 Maritime Firearms Refresher

This Refresher provides a good balance of theory and practical work delivered in a friendly yet professional manner. The weapon drills taught give you the confidence to operate and fire a large variety of weapons and sighting systems safely. The instructo ... (read more)

5 Excellent

This was my fourth year attending one of Mark's firearms courses and it is always good to get such insightful instruction and advice. Excellent course all round and very professionally run.

5 Excellent

very good course plenty of hands on exellent instruction range practices very good. Course is run in a very relaxed manner in a very calm fashion by Mark who you cannot fault for his knowledge and instruction.

5 quality course

2nd time I've been to marks firearms course, better location more hand on as course down to 4 guys. Been in the industry for 4 years and this course is well presented and run properly. Truly the best firearms course I've done by far. Thank you Mark