4.9766 (128) Reviews Maritime Refresher Course - 1 Day

BY: Shooting Training Solutions Limited

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Customer Service4.9375
Training Received4.9844
Value for Money4.9063


This course is open to anyone who has successfully completed and passed ANY Maritime Firearms Competency Course with any company.

This is the annual certification needed to continue working in the Maritime Industry as a PCASP.

The Maritime Firearms Competency certificate is valid for one year. If you have done a Maritime Firearms Competency Course this is the course you need to stay current and in date.

This course will ensure PCASP's continue their professional development in the Maritime sector and to concur with MSC. 1/Circ 1405/Rev.2 25 May 2012 and ISO 28007.

The Maritime Firearms Refresher Course will allow you to continue to work as a PCASP knowing you have in date, relevent training in line with the latest ISO 28007 guidelines and future requirements expected in the Maritime sector.

Location: South West

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5 Excellent!

This was the 3rd course I have done with STS which says everything really, again excellent tuition both practical and theory. Nobby is just a fountain of knowledge when it comes to weapons and the maritime industry, some of it a bit scary at times especia ... (read more)

5 James Mazzoni-Dalton

A very good course with a first rate instructor Knobby Clark. fantastic to see the inclusion of a .22 version of the FNFAL, more relevant as many of the security companies use this weapon system. From the 3 maritime firearms courses I have completed, ... (read more)

5 Professionalism at its best

Having been on previous firearms training courses, nothing could compare with the structure of the course and the knowledge of Nobby Knowles. Very professional in every aspect and I would recommend this course to anyone, no matter what industry, if they ... (read more)

5 Security Training Solutions - Maritime Refresher Course

Returned to complete this course for the second time. From booking to receiving my certificate it was a seamless experience. Excellent training day covering different weapons; some advanced techniques; legal issues and much more. All covered in an extreme ... (read more)

5 Maritime Firearms Refresher Review - Shooting Training Solutions

The initial intelligence Briefing was very helpful in understanding the current Piracy situation in the Indian Ocean and West Africa - as well as the legal requirements expected of MSOs. In regard to the Firearms training, there was a wide variety of we ... (read more)


The training and course structure with Shooting Training Solutions was excellent. The course instructor was extremely professional, very knowledgable and friendly guy and his training was very well put across. I liked the fact there was plenty of hands on ... (read more)

5 A very essential course for all maritime security operators and Team Leaders

Did my STS Maritime Refresher Course today, I must say I'm glad I did it again with STS, well worth the money you pay for, as not only do you get to clear the cobwebs and rid off skill fades of firing a live weapon with various drills, I really did learn ... (read more)

5 R A Antoine

This was the second time that I have done a course at Shooting Training Solutions. I would without hesitation, recommend this course to anyone who's interested in coming into the Maritime industry or for those who are already in it.

5 Great course

Great course, very intense and a lot to take in during the day but due to the instruction it is manageable and at the same time very enjoyable. I personally learnt a lot throughout the day and due to the high level of experience from the instructor it i ... (read more)

5 STS Maritme Firearms Refresher Course

This is the Second time that I have done the STS Course and I would highly Recommend it,it is well instructed from start to finish by instructor Mr.Mark Knowles who brings a Wealth of Experience and Knowledge in all Areas regarding Armed Maritime Security ... (read more)