4.9766 (128) Reviews Maritime Refresher Course - 1 Day

BY: Shooting Training Solutions Limited

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Customer Service4.9375
Training Received4.9844
Value for Money4.9063


This course is open to anyone who has successfully completed and passed ANY Maritime Firearms Competency Course with any company.

This is the annual certification needed to continue working in the Maritime Industry as a PCASP.

The Maritime Firearms Competency certificate is valid for one year. If you have done a Maritime Firearms Competency Course this is the course you need to stay current and in date.

This course will ensure PCASP's continue their professional development in the Maritime sector and to concur with MSC. 1/Circ 1405/Rev.2 25 May 2012 and ISO 28007.

The Maritime Firearms Refresher Course will allow you to continue to work as a PCASP knowing you have in date, relevent training in line with the latest ISO 28007 guidelines and future requirements expected in the Maritime sector.

Location: South West

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5 Highly recommended

Very informative, high standard of training given through a package specifically designed for maritime security contractors. I highly recomended course that is widely recognised the industry as one of the top courses with regards to firearms competency. ... (read more)

5 Maritime Refresher Course - 1Day

This course is well planned and presented. The instruction is of the highest standards. The firing practices are testing but enjoyable.

5 Maritime Refresher Course

This course is not just a day at the ranges. Excellent instruction throughout keeps you interested and engaged with all skills and drills taught by an instructor who obviously has a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject. With a maximum of fou ... (read more)

5 Simon J

A well run course by an extremely experienced and very knowledgeable instructor.

5 My first Refresher

My first 'refresher' but second day with Nobby at Shooting Training Solutions having completed the Competency Course last December. An instructor to student ratio of 1:3 on the day (Max 1:4), 8 weapon systems (all relevent and currently employed by PMSC ... (read more)

5 Maritime Refresher Course

This was my second time at Shooting Training Solutions. Mark yet again exceeded my expectations with his delivery of the course, only too willing to pass on his vast wealth of knowledge and experience. The drills were taught at a gradual and informed pace ... (read more)

5 Great course

Knobby really knows his stuff when it comes to weapons, very well structured day with some good range time. I would recomend this course to anyone.

5 Maritime Firearms Refresher Course

A very well run course from the outset, with a an Instructor (Nobby) that has a lot of proffesional knowledge and is more than willing to share his experience and knowledge with the his clients on the course. The class room section of the course was rele ... (read more)

5 Maritime Refresher Course Review

When I did the competency course a year ago I was very impressed with the value and content of the course, I returned to do the refresher in Sept 2014 and was extremely impressed, We also fired a range of weapons commonly seen in the industry, the former ... (read more)

5 Firearms refresher course

This is the 4th time I have attended a course with this company, I believe that speaks volumes in itself. The training has always been of the highest standard and it's very well presented and structured, it's in a relaxed atmosphere but under strict guide ... (read more)