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Qualification: IQ Level 4 Medicine in Remote Areas + RCS MiRA + Level 4 in Responding to Emergency Medical Incident and Trauma



This unique course uses cutting edge scenario based training and state of the art Human patient simulation in one of Europes most advanced medical simulation centres. Our REMIT Medic course which includes Medicine in Remote Areas enhances existing skills. Suitable for those working within the Maritime industry, offshore , Security specialists or advanced first aiders and medics.

See our REMIT Medic simulation video here http://youtu.be/Udblr8esE2Q

The course combines two level 4 qualifications and includes both Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA) and Responding to Emergency Medical Incidents and Trauma (REMIT). This training will provide useful skills for those working in challenging environments where access to emergency medical services may be delayed.

Course Structure & Assessment

A combination of teaching and learning activities are used with a careful mixture of classroom based sessions and practical hands on experience in providing emergency medical treatment. You will take part in casualty simulations where you will put your training into practice in real time as part of a small team. Assessment for this course is carried out progressively throughout and includes:

  1. Practical Assessment Scenarios
  2. Multiple Choice Question Paper
  3. Human Patient Simulation Assessment

This culminates in a final assessment of your skill, knowledge and ability where each person will be independently assessed using state of the art human patient simulation and will be overseen by clinicians. The simulator accurately replicates various life threatening conditions including trauma scenarios. The patient’s condition will respond according to the treatment given. To pass this element your patient must survive during your assessed scenario!

Full details can be found on our website www.wilplantraining.co.uk/remit

Location: North West

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I decided to come back to Wilplan Training for my MIRA and REMIT after taking my CP course 2 years ago with them. They have very good training facilities/equipment, an excellent trainer that knows his stuff and also a very good follow up service. Having c ... (read more)

5 Brilliant.

The course was well structured and delivered by a great instructor, who was there to teach and pass on his immense knowledge rather then just stand before the class and show off what he knew. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and learnt so many new pr ... (read more)

5 Class leading course delivered by a class leading training provider.

This is my 4th course attended at Wilplan and for those that know me, it shows the trust I have in Wilplan in delivering the very highest quality training. Having spent my last 15 months working alongside some of the best Trauma surgeons, vascular surgeon ... (read more)

5 The most informative course i have ever done

Having done my FPOSI course with Wilplan i new that the standard needed to be high for the MIRA - REMIT, i soon realized it was higher than i thought when i recived the E-learning package and pre course reading. I can honestly say that i have never learne ... (read more)