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Price: £750

Qualification: Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA - Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh)


MIRA course: For students with experience in Pre-Hospital Care, the Medicine in Remote Areas Course (MIRA) is an essential qualification that has been developed to add the skills and knowledge required for dealing with a casualty or casualties in remote environments. The course teaches the skills needed to stabilise the injured right through to the skills and knowledge needed for prolonged field care.

MIRA course: Our MIRA training is based in Scotland..

There are many industries where medics can benefit from the MIRA qualification, including medics working in the:

Close Protection Oil Industry Gas Industry Expedition and Exploration Medical Support for Disaster Relief Humanitarian Organisations Mountain Rescue  Search and Rescue

During the MIRA course students will learn:

Management of injuries from road traffic collisions, ballistics and violent assaults. Oxygen therapy. Intermediate and advanced airway management including surgical airways. Life threatening chest injuries and management including needle decompression. Circulatory system and haemorrhage control. Shock and fluid replacement (I.V & I.O). Head injuries. Medical emergencies. Fractures, dislocations and burns. Environmental illnesses. Remote area and prolonged patient care.

Our MIRA course teaches students how to adapt to different circumstances, we teach the skills required to manage casualties who find themselves in need in remote and challenging areas.


MIRA Course is ran over 5 days for a cost of £750 FPOS I & MIRA combined 9 days @ £1000

Close Protection, FPOS I & MIRA combined 25 days £2500

For more information or details on how to book a place on our MIRA training course please get in touch via our contact page or use the email below.


Location: Scotland

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5 Excellent Course.

This is a good qualification to have under your belt. The instructors were very helpful and fair. Training was top notch. You need to have read up on your FPOSi notes before attending this course as it throws you straight into the deep end when the c ... (read more)

5 High Quality Course

I chose to attend this course with Horizion security solutions as I have always had a good experiance with them also living in scotland made the location perfect. The course is licenced by EMED which was important to me as many employers wont recognize ... (read more)

5 MIRA Cse

Excellent course! And Quality instruction would highly recommend it especially to us up North which is an added bonus.

5 Ex Med MIRA course at Horizon in Scotland

Outstanding, thanks again

5 MIRA Horizon Security Solutions (Exmed)

I went with Horizon security solutions due to location and recommendations for the course. The fact that it is ran in Scotland saves me the hassle of the long journey down to Hereford for the exact same MIRA qualification. It is an Exmed MIRA qualificat ... (read more)