5.0000 (6) Reviews Pistol Course - 1 Day

BY: Shooting Training Solutions Limited

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Customer Service5.0000
Training Received5.0000
Value for Money4.8333


For those of you who are unaware of the UK Firearms regulations you cannot fire 9mm pistols in the UK. STS offer two packages where you can learn all about Pistol handling and become proficient and safe with the weapons.

The first is a one-day course based in the UK and is designed to develop the skills of those who wish to learn how to use a pistol as a primary firearm. We cover all the safety aspects, workings of the weapon, function tests and correct grip and hold before shooting on a range with high powered BB Glock 17 and SIG 226 pistols out to 15M. This will give you a good insight to all pistol techniques and a platform to build on.

The second course we offer is a three or five-day full-bore 9mm pistol shooting course in Europe. I will arrange to take you either individually or as a group to Europe on an all-inclusive trip. The participants will have sole occupancy of a range to undertake this course with an array of pistols and myself instructing you for the whole duration.

You will travel down to the south coast the night before stay in a hotel with dinner and breakfast. Next day having been met, you will be taken to the airport car park to secure your vehicle. After checking in we will proceed to the priority lounge and relax. On arrival you will be taken to a five bedroom house where all your meals, drinks and needs will be met.

Pistol shooting is an art on its own. It takes time and effort to be able to engage targets out to 50M using the correct techniques with both your strong and weak arm. One handed pistol is essential and has to be practiced. You will practice these skills and this will reduce your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with a higher degree of accuracy and increase your confidence with your weapon. I will endevor to get you to the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) pistol firearms standard with the time allocated and show you that with good instruction and coaching you can in a very short time become proficient safe and accurate with a pistol.

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5 Glock 17

Mark has a outstanding knowledge and his teaching skills are fantastic. I had a one to one course with him as I was struggling to have a proper handle to hold a pistol. After the morning presentation we went down to the range where I could put in practice ... (read more)

5 Left wanting more

The experience and knowledge of Mark is unquestionable and his delivery was well paced and easy to follow. The basic fundamentals of pistol shooting was taught using Airsoft pistols, which replicate the real steal counterparts. The techniques shown, when ... (read more)

5 Highly recommended

an excellent opportunity to learn from such a wealth of knowledge and experience that Mark has gained and perfected in his 33 years of UKSF, the delivery of the course and the assistance and attention given is outstanding, I have bought home a whole new s ... (read more)

5 One day pistol course

Very helpful course really helped me brush up on my rusty drills and instruction helped me maintain a good standard of shooting at the end. Also really insightful to see Mark’s background and history. He’s the real McCoy, no doubt!

5 Shooting training solutions were highly professional

I attended the ‘1 day pistol firearms’ course with Shooting training solutions, I found their instructing to be extremely helpful and learned. I improved both my marksmanship and my overall understanding of principles and shooting and cannot rate them ... (read more)

5 Fantastic experience & training

We chose STS due to Mr. Knowles’s experience and background in Special Forces. Mr. Knowles’s immense experience was clearly evident in the training we received. The instruction was clear, concise, effective and fun building from a safety-first foundin ... (read more)