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Qualification: Level 3 in Foot and Mobile Surveillance + Level 3 Award in Professional Investigations


This Level 3 course will provide in-depth knowledge on how to research information from various sources, gather information through interviews and provide an overview of how surveillance operations (both overt and covert) can assist in gathering information to support an investigation. You will develop your skills in preparing for and in presenting the findings of investigations to various clients. Any investigation conducted must be done in accordance with the law and in accordance with best practice guidelines. You will discover how to collate and corroborate evidence for Criminal and Civil investigations.

Our Surveillance and Private Investigation training package has been developed to meet the new needs of those operating with the surveillance and investigations industry. The course consists of two parts:

1. Attending a five day training programme

During this phase you will receive an introduction to investigation activities and also guidance on completing the distance learning material for the professional investigation award. The remainder of the programme is focused on the practical aspects of conducting covert surveillance to meet the needs of differing investigations.

Qualification gained: BTEC Level 3 Award in Foot & Mobile Surveillance

2. Distance Learning

Using the knowledge gained during the five day course you can then study the knowledge based elements of law, evidence gathering and reporting for investigations leading for Civil and Criminal investigations. You are able to study the material at a pace that suits your needs and, when you feel comfortable to so, you can then attend our Training Centre and take the required examination which will complete the course

Qualification gained: Level 3 Award in Professional Investigations

Please note: Experienced operators may prefer to just opt for the distance learning package. If this option is selected then only the Level 3 Award in Professional Investigations is achievable as the Level 3 Award in Foot and Mobile Surveillance is not available via distance learning. The cost of this option is just £395.00 plus VAT. Click here for the distance learning option course details only.

Please visit our web page for more details http://www.wilplantraining.co.uk/private-investigator.html

Location: North West

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5 Fantastic learning experiance

Having had experience in surveillance in my time in the military i thought that ther couldn't be that much to learn, oh how wrong was i. I learned more in the first mornig than i had in 13 years in the infanry some of them in Recce.The level of instructio ... (read more)