TSA Forum Are You Competent For A Live Job Straight After Training?

  17th November 2015 at 5:47pm in General Interest

Are You Competent For A Live Job Straight After Training?

Should you receive on the job mentoring by an experienced professional before taking on your first job?

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  21st November 2015 at 9:01am

In an effort to begin the conversation, here are some personal thoughts - the training may simply be a validation exercise, remembering the UK based training is simply to satisfy SIA, and that some operators may have been working the circuit for some time in other parts of the world, I personally encountered a guy, who had been in Afghan for a number of years but was keen to get back home and just wanted the “tick in the box” – long story short he was arguably in a very good position to go straight into work with the mandated training. 

On the other hand, I attended a course, having been advised to do so by a number of people, “just to keep options open” – I’m glad I done the course, not because its got me work, but mainly due to the fact it highlighted some things I wasn’t particularly sure about and enabled me to better shape my research and personal training.

Training is necessary, finding the right provider is the difficulty I would say, some, not all, are after making a quick buck – they don’t usually last long I would suggest and can usually be spotted very quickly – if it looks cheap, taking into account that most providers are about the same price, £2500 - £4000 dependent on accommodation, then its best to steer clear, the company are obviously doing the minimum to get students through the door.

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