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  15th April 2018 at 11:25am in Career Advice

Iraqi Security companies

Iraq Security Companies

Dear Operators,

For all existing and newly trained close protection officers with military experience looking to seek and gain employment in Iraq or in other countries of the Middle East, please beware before jumping into a job which may seem legitimate, lucrative, and paying excellent salaries.

There are specific security organisations in Iraq who are not what they seem to be, for example, one security group in particular, Al Murabit Security (AMS) based in Baghdad & Basra, often recruit good capable men offering them great salaries just to get them in the door, only to inform them when they arrive their salaries have been cut. However, there is also a festering higher management culture at this company that only looks after its management and not its operators or workforce. The whole management system is rotten! The majority of the regional security managers have no “On the ground experience” no academic qualifications to back up their so called “ professional title of a security manager” and the provision of poor management decisions all round. Now, bearing in mind, these managers are paid a little over £100k per annum to provide this disgusting unjustifiable service.

The other point I want to illustrate is the operations managers themselves. Al Murabit currently has 3 operations managers who are in a rotational cycle to suit themselves. They, themselves, are also paid a massive yearly salary of between 60-70k a year to provide poor security management consultation and provide inadequate advice to PSD teams. One man in particular only has 3 years experience in Iraq, minimal PSD experience, has no idea where certain places exist in Iraq, or how to get to them, and expects his team leaders to do half of his daily workload that he is responsible for.

The other point i want to highlight is that the company offers a fairly decent terms & conditions package of 8 weeks work in country and 4 weeks at home on leave. Don’t be fooled guys, they will make you work 8 weeks, or more, then send you home for only 2 weeks or less, making excuses to then bring you back early. The management are also bullies!! There was one incident involving an operations manager who decided to take matters in his own hands by attacking a young team leader in his accommodation, beating him and kicking him, none of this was ever reported to higher management.

Basically gents, what we have here is a company with minimal experience, managers with very minimal experience, very poor salary fir the work you do, but finds it neccesary to pay its managers fantastic salaries and bonuses who, don‘t themselves, generate any company income whatsoever. 

Gents, please be aware of any online advertisements offering work opportunities with this company, the whole outfit is rotten to the core. There are other companies out there who are much better and will look after you, treat you like a human being and appreciate all your work efforts.

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