TSA Forum Is FPOS-I Enough To Be A Hostile Environment Medic

  17th November 2015 at 5:53pm in Medical

Is FPOS-I Enough To Be A Hostile Environment Medic

What is the minimum medical qualification you should have in order to conduct the PSD Medic role in Afghanistan and Iraq?

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  23rd November 2015 at 8:40pm

Most medics today in well established PSC are Tier 2 Off Shore / Paramedics or persons with clinical experience as is mostly a client requirement in O&G. The TL as a back up is normally FPOS-I or MIRA depending on what the client requires. Hostile trauma injuries today are rare and you are more likely to have a client get injured through normal daily activities or poor health in which case they should'nt be there. So no IMO FPOS-I is not enough as you cannot administer drugs or puncture the skin.

  23rd November 2015 at 9:18pm

Yes! The FPOS training is just that its for the first person on the scene of an incident! If a CPO or similar has sustained an injury or more likely a GSW in a hostile environment the first person to administer medical assistance is going to assess the wound and give immediate care, this is anything from applying pressure to bleeding to giving CPR, it doesn't mean constant medical care, this is the job of a Doctor!!!

  24th November 2015 at 10:21am

Sourced directly from the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care:- Please be aware that a certificate from a Faculty endorsed course indicates completion of an educational course and does not infer ability to practice. It may not be used to indicate a Professional qualification of a license to perform a specific procedure. Individual accountability for any action subsequently taken by the holder must be governed according to his or her particular professional rules of codes of practice.

FPOSi focuses on the CABCs while other courses such as MiRA, CEERIC, PACC, WEMT, MERT, D13  is environment specific knowledge and training. I would argue that first and foremost we need to learn to manage what we can within the limits of our training and thereafter we should continue to expand our clinical knowledge and technical ability that goes beyond FPOS Intermediate.

Ideally Medics will pursue the Diploma in Immediate Care. The examination for the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care (DIMC) is designed to test the knowledge, skills and behaviours of pre-hospital emergency care practitioners.

There is a focus within this examination on timely recognition, diagnosis and management of conditions and situations in the pre-hospital environment rather than on the use of facilities for investigation and treatment that may be available predominantly within a hospital. This examination includes prehospital emergency care for all patient age groups from neonates to the very elderly.

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