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  17th November 2015 at 9:35am in Close Protection

Can You Realistically Raise Training Standards In CP

Is there any realistic, commercially viable, chance of raising training standards in the close protection industry?

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  17th November 2015 at 9:36am

Certainly one of the most widely debated topics in the CP industry. The fact is the training providers doing well are those with cheaper courses churning out students so it's hard to think how others who want to enter the market with industry standard leading, and longer, courses can enter the market and build a successful company. G7 offered a great concept course in Iraq but it didn't take off, Surity started to market a course which sounded fantastic but didn't get past the marketing phase and others who have spoken about longer courses have quickly back tracked after doing the figures.

  23rd November 2015 at 9:15am

Hi Tom, as former MD of Surity Ltd I can confirm the above.  Why did our full CP course not take off?...... Well as you quite rightly say, 'The fact is the training providers doing well are those with cheaper courses'.

To deliver the highest standards comes at a cost, a cost that people enetering the industry are not willing to pay.  Trainers at the very top of their game come at a cost, resources such as suitable vehicles, suitable venues, accommodation, food......all over a more prolonged period in order to allow sufficient time for subjects to be taught properly - then their is the 'time' needed for learner attendance.  Attitudes towards training - 'sh*t......38 days away from home!?'

The only people who can make a difference to raising standards are the SIA.  Do the SIA want to raise standards? I would say not.  The SIA relies heavily on license fees......taking into consideration the points I have mentioned above the SIA's concerns would be that higher standards would reduce TP's due to profit margins being reduced......higher course costs would mean less students......less students = less license applicants = less income.

Several other TP's have tried also;  Jamie over at Galahad Associates has the same good intentions but again not enough interest, thankfully he has done well in B2B ventures.  

So we are now currently left with 2 models being followed;

  1. Same old pump standards being followed, churning out the masses
  2. Newer TP's who are marketing their courses well......and then send students over to Eastern Europe (cheaper) and have their course delivered by a third party!  Courses are exactly the same as the UK but with firearms!  (but at least you can wear 5.11's and an ally cap!)


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