"Maritime PCASP Review"

Review by George Fox on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Combined Firearms for Security in Hostile Environments - 4 Day by Euro Tactical Ltd

This course was run over a 4 day period on a remote farm in North West France. The course is family run and when I say this I mean that Mark deals with the tactical element and Julie (his better half) deals with the admin and dare I say operational side. When I use the term 'family' I also include the instructors and accommodation team. There is a real sense of continuity from the moment you book the course right through to your days on the range and this is in no part down to the organising ability of the Crawfords (Mark and Julie) Accommodation: A quaint bed and breakfast - unlike other B&B's the food is almost michelin class and the owners are ridiculously friendly but give you more than enough of your own space. Location: A rural part or NW France, idyllic and relaxing Range: A small but comprehensive range allowing MarSec courses to fire a plethora of weapons. Equipment and Weapons: A huge amount of weapons, 17 if I remember correctly. No limit on ammo. All the weapons were in decent condition, some even brand new. Instructors: An insane ration of 3 instructors to 5 students on my course which allowed us to develop exponentially. A genuine love for weapons and coaching with a superb sense of humour in a relaxed but professional manner. Summary: A 5 day package that on the surface seems expensive considering other courses are out there for half the price........however - The course was pure range work from 0800 - 1600, which contrary to believe is exhausting, with instructors who genuinely love what they do and impart as much knowledge as possible. Unlike other providers they will judge you on performance, not beast you like your on selection. - The certificate is valid for 2 years not 1!!! A huge convenience factor in an industry that constantly requires new quals. - The amount of ammunition fired is almost mind numbing, and is all full bore not .22 conversion or BB replica A superbly ran course, with a fantastic array of equipment in a beautiful location, instructed by motivated individuals and at the end of a hard day you get to relax in a picturesque French villa with superb food. I could not champion this course enough. The 2 year cert is worth the trip to France on its own merit. Put it this way in an industry where everyone is in to cash in on the 'MarSec Course Requirements' Eurotactical Ltd is a refreshing change of pace. How do I know this? Well when the owner is telling you that you can fire as much .338 Lapua ammo ($9 per round) as you feel necessary to achieve your aim then you know that they are genuinely looking to provide a service to Ex-forces and not looking to cash in in Enhanced Learning Credits or Op Tour bonuses. Merci beaucoup! Eurotactical