"Maritime Security Operative (MSO) 8269"

Review by Andrew Edwards on 3rd November 2014 | Course Completed: 1st January 2014

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money4

Maritime Security Operative (MSO) 8269 by Ambrey Risk Limited

I have been wortking for Ambrey Risk (AR) for a number of years now and knew that the industry was changing and that gone were days that you only had to have an SSO qulaification and to be ex military to stand on the bridge wings hence why I completed my course with AR.

The course was very well run all week and is a great introduction to any individual who is new to the indutsry and wishes to work for AR which is now one of the biggest companies operating as a PMSC. As I have been in the indutsry for a number of years it was a good refresher for me and thoroughly enjoyed the course.

I paid the full price of the course and believe it has now been reduced to come in line with other companies.