"CP course Iraq March 2013"

Review by Daniela McKay on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service4
Value for Money5

Close Protection Course by Specialist Operational Support (SOS)

March 2013 I did the SOS CP course in Erbil in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, I cannot recommend this course enough. The course was packed full of relevant and up to date content delivered by knowledgeable instructors who currently work within the CP industry. The instructor where available to help throughout the course, not only during lesson hours. Most of the course was run as practical scenarios and demonstrations with minimal power point lessons making the course a lot more interesting and easier to follow. The location of the course was the ideal setting to carry out the training fully immersing the students in the local culture and way of life. With training carried out in a variety of locations including oil and gas installations, firing ranges, restaurants, cafés and local Bazaars to name but a few. This gave the students the opportunity to experience the job in the most realistic way possible. Driving was carried out by the students in B6 armoured vehicles and soft skins allowing us to familiarise ourselves with vehicles we would potentially be using once employed, it also allowed us to get to grips with the very different style of driving used by the local nationals. During this drivers rotated between the different vehicles allowing us time to experience the different driver roles including VIP driver and PES driver with comprehensive instruction how to carry out all roles effectively. The FPOS-I section of the course was again impeccably run making students competent in the administering of medical aid to massive trauma injuries or those suffering from a medical emergency and arranging onward movement to medical facilities. Additional content was included in order to allow students to carry out more in depth patient examination. Weapon handling and live firing on the course was a great feature allowing students to become familiar with a number of weapons and to become comfortable carrying weapons on a daily basis. The course was tailored for all levels of experience with thorough instruction throughout if required. This was followed by live firing on the ranges with live fire extraction drill on foot and by vehicle. During the course the instructors arranged conferences on how to produce a relevant CV and how to carryout interviews along with a number of real interviews with companies operating within the local area. This is just a basic overview of the course and my experience. The course itself is extremely in-depth and tailored to individual experience to allow every student to maximise their skills and potential. I don’t know of any other course run is such a realistic environment, that along with the level of teaching and amount of effort from the instructors makes this a truly unique course, a must for anyone looking to enter into the CP circuit.