"Perseus HECPO course - Warwickshire £4520"

Review by Daniel Hobley on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

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Hostile Environment & Corporate Close Protection Training by Perseus Risk Management

As stated in the title the total course cost for the HECPO CP Elite 4 exec, fposi and hostile course is £4520 not £3120 as stated on here. Steve lambert, the company director is incredibly well connected and has bags of operational experience in Iraq especially and commercially now in the uk. The cp elite 4 course it self is for ex/still serving military guys so no civ pop allowed. With regards to learning credits etc, this is very much accepted on this course and they are helpful with all matters along the way. The course itself is a total 5 weeks long and you reside at a family run bed and breakfast (don't annoy carol the owner! Lol) food is good if full board as all home made and mostly meat based. Happy days. Throughout both the exec part of the course and the hostile phase, everyone has their crack of the whip in being all the various roles TL, PPO, SEP, SAP, 2iC so you an gain the experience or basic knowledge in each. Mission orders are given via PowerPoint so a laptop is a must as well as a USB stick to store your work in progress as the instructors will be checking this. For the exec stage you will be working in Rugby and surrounding areas to complete venue recces and route plans etc. For the hostile phase it is based mainly on farmland owned by the bed and breakfast family so off roading, replica ak47's and radios are used widely. "Scorch" (and scorched he is as you will see) is used throughout for the explosives set up in order try and replicate idf and Ied attacks (obv not the same but it's a good tool) he is one crazy guy indeed. Missions planned are key leadership engagements, checkpoints, idf attack and vehicle break downs so all relevant training indeed. Overall the course is run well and the guys have bags of operational experience (except civi scorch) and when the course is end ex, they don't just palm you off with lists of email addresses but invite two large company hr managers to conduct a mini chat/interview which is great. Not only that but cv sent to two other well known companies too along with your course report which is kept on file and you are encouraged to keep in touch. I will be returning for future courses with these guys for sure.