"SAC Dip - is it worth anything in the industry"

Review by Damian Griffiths on 21st January 2015 | Course Completed: 1st September 2014

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Training Received4
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Security Management - Diploma by Stonebridge Associated Colleges

I have come across numerous people who have completed the course. I am yet to meet anybody that did not receive a distinction. This is a worry because I have had chance to look over various different sets of coursework and have seen some very good exam answers and some that totally baffled me, yet got the person a distinction.

I basically completed the the course to show CPD to any prospective employer, but am not sure that the actual award is recognised at any level within the industry.

It was straight forward, easy to understand and the exam questions were clear and easily researched and answered.

feedback from others in the industry would be welcome.