"a steep learning curve!"

Review by Kendra Anne White on 11th February 2015 | Course Completed: 1st October 2014

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
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Level 3 Covert Surveillance Operations Course - 5 Days by Associated Risks Group

from the outset this course was very reality based and practical. we were definately made to learn from our mistakes and the course trainers did not hold back on critique, which is exactly what was needed. The learning curve was steep! I was guilty of being presumptious that it would be simply a matter of going through the motions and I was wrong.There is so much more to surveillance than simply following, it meant we had to display good planning, preparation, communication, team work, be reactive, never switch off and take it 'on the chin' at de-briefs of our performance. This course was about having to display skills learned, not just going through the motions. it was intense and very enjoyable.