"intense and professional."

Review by Kendra Anne White on 11th February 2015 | Course Completed: 1st January 2015

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Close Protection Course by Associated Risks Group

the best way I can summarise is that this company were not just taking my course fees and pushing me through the training. Emphasis was on getting it right! the training delivery was excellent, the group was small so everyone got the chance to do every practical. We had to work as a team, just as we would in reality. We had to display the skills required and I was confident that If I had not come up to scratch that I would not have passed the course. the trainers paid every student good attention and were very obviously integral and professional. This course was worth every penny and I highly reccomend it to any person wanting to be not just an operator, but a very professional one.

During this course not only did I learn the generic aspects of close protection, but we were also taught more indepth areas such as corporate protection, diplomatic protection, executive protection, celebrity protection and hostile protection. We even covered more advanced topics such as kidnap and ransome polocies and business impact analysis at consultancy level.

My relationship with ARG did not cease at the end of the course, I have attended networking events, have been kept up to date with industry developments and had ooperational tasking with ARG operations. An ongoing working relationship has been formed with this company which is mutually beneficial.