"Level 3 Close Protection"

Review by Thomas Dowie on 12th February 2015 | Course Completed: 1st November 2013

Overall Rating 4
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Training Received4
Customer Service4
Value for Money4

Close Protection Course by Control Risks Group

The course was run for two weeks, (weekends inclusive) out of a small B&B in Stafford, it was set in a quiet part of town but quite close to the busy main road running through Stafford.

The course members were met by the chief instructor Tom, ex SAS, a very down to earth approachable man. He introduced himself and the course content there and then.
From then on the course ran pretty smoothly, we conducted our first few exercises with Tom as our principle and Senior Team Leader.
His instruction was second to none, and what he didn't know about the CP world wasn't worth knowing.

During the course Tom took less and less of a controlling roll and let the Team Leaders he appointed take control of thing, once he was happy we all had the hang of things, he would literally just appear at the pick ups and drop offs just to see if the team had conducted orders and rehearsals.

As the course progressesd the course would become gradually more difficult, from a single pick up with dinner and a return journey, to multiple pick ups and drop offs with pub crawls for the principles with poker games and then a return multiple drop off.

Over all I found the course to be demanding but not to the point were it was too difficult.

Very good course and I would highly recommend it to anyone staring off in the CP world.

Hints and Tips, bring a sense of humour!