"Clearwater 14 Day CP Course "

Review by Lee Hoyland on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 2
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Training Received2
Customer Service3
Value for Money2

Close Protection Course by Clearwater Special Projects Ltd

I attended this course in 2011 and was my first training course upon leaving the military. After working in the industry straight from leaving the course and attending many training courses including on the job training I feel that I can now offer a true account of the course provided. My initial view was that although dated the location and accommodation was good and the training venue was good. Self catering was a pain because the shops and places to eat required traveling quite a few miles. The course and content were very well delivered by instructors that were very strong in there chosen field of expertise. This did not last however as half way through the course one more instructor arrived and was not of the same level. He was very out of shape and was constantly talking about his days in the UK special forces and was trying to teach Krav Maga and did not honestly have a clue as I have trained in this discipline for years. The amount of foreign students that attended was shocking as was the fact that their grasp of English was shocking even though it was a pre requisite of attendance. The drills were very outdated and there was no flexibility to them to the point where everything was walking in a box formation, even if the environment did not allow such foot drills. This course was basically a course to get a cp licence and not a course to build foundation of good close protection. The mention of becoming a member of the close protection federation is nothing more that being entered on a database and that is it. It will not lead to any good or long term employment. The pre course reading book written by the company owner is nothing short of a joke as anybody working on the circuit can see. An example of this is the author talking about tactical shooting, yet showing a picture of an individual lying in the prone position with a L84A Rifle. I feel that the course as a whole was lacking and did not care about anything more that churning out students. No student failed the course and to be honest you would have to try very hard to fail it. I actually saw my pass marked paper at the end and it was just a photocopy with the names changed apart from two individuals, one of whom needed a dictionary in Hungarian to pass the final exam paper. One thing that infuriated myself was the way in which the instructor kept trying to sell items of kit to the students and make money on them , telling the students that it was the best on the market, when in fact it was poor quality. This showed true unprofessionalism. To sum the course up I would say average to poor.