"Control Risks HEMT"

Review by Gary Crossland on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
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Value for Money5

Hostile Environment Medical Training (HEMT) by Control Risks Group

I enjoyed this course immensely. There was an even mix of classroom and practical and decent scenarios to put skills into practice. I'm tempted to say the content is almost like a souped up Team medic course in the British Army but it has far more. IV wasn't taught on my last TM course but Andy the instructor taught both IV and IO which should be basic level for soldiers facing trauma. Andy has huge experience, in fact the other day he was on tv with Angela Griffin, flying around Birmingham in his paramedic fast response vehicle! As a former soldier (meat and veg) he is down to earth and gets his message across patiently and easily understood. He believes in understanding the physiology of an injury, teaching us what happens to the body when it suffers trauma, rather than blindly following drills. This led us as students to pre-empt potential further problems and be proactive not reactive. Although HEMT doesn't seem to be as recognised fully as perhaps MIRA is, another student who had completed both told me that it is better due to the course content. There is no substitute for experience but my skills became better than from when I was a soldier, my knowledge certainly is.