"Medical pre hospital training course Emergency Medical Technician. "

Review by Martin Scott on 13th May 2015 | Course Completed: 1st January 2015

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Emergency Medical Technician - Basic (EMT-B) by Specialist Operational Support (SOS)

Location Guatemala City, Centra America.

My transition from just a security operative into an operative that could offer a more comprehensive toolbox of competencies to the end user, client. This course proved a pivotal point in my career, as it opened my eyes to the world of medicine. The above company and it's lead instructor, CG is amongst the best courses I have done. The course materials were concise, and modualised to reflect a step by step approach to advanced Pre Hospital Life Support. The course was taught over 15 long days with more evening study and preparation reading for the next day's lessons. The next day would always start with reflective practice, physical skills practice and written Q/A. These were used by CG to ascertain where you are as a learner based against the course syllabus. Any additional help always forthcoming. Over the course duration the materials and teaching method were current, easy to understand and CGs teaching style made for an enjoyable experience in what was a very heavy syllabus. CG, as an advanced practitioner of medicine made as much of the lessons reflect real life experiences and resolutions from real cases, obviously with pertenant patient confidentiality. The 15 days culminated with additional 3 days hands on frontline ambulance attachment in Guatemala City. We provided an additional pair of hands and got real life pre hospital medical interventions on real patients in a very volitile area of operation. We were welcome to do days, nights or mixture and were shadowed and mentored by full time ambulance medics. I have now been back 9 times and carried on my training and work as a product of the first experience in 2013.

The course was concise, well taught and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to further enhance their skill sets In a real hands on real patient contact frontline context.

Disclaimer being its taught in an area that can be volotile and as such potential students should do their background prior to commencing the process. The country is dangerous and as such this should be taken into consideration.