"Best of the Best for firearms training"

Review by Mike Romeo on 7th June 2015 | Course Completed: 1st January 2015

Overall Rating 5
Review Breakdown
Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Combined Firearms for Security in Hostile Environments - 4 Day by Euro Tactical Ltd

FIREARMS: The firearms used during my course being the M4/M16, AK74/47 and the 9mm Glock 17 were kept in pristine condition condition, but too many other firearms to mention readily available to students who want to make a request. Mark is adaptable and flexible towards the needs of his students.

FACILITIES: Excellent!! With the clubhouse at the rear it was a place to relax with tea, coffee or 'WETS' in Mark's terms. It was a place to get to know the instructors, ask questions and most importantly blow off with a bit or shall I say a lot of banter from all parties present.

ADMINISTRATION/BOOKING OF YOUR COURSE: What can I say! there's only one name to mention here which is Julie, the goddess of Admin. From the very beginning of first communication, through to booking the course, flight times, taxing to and from sites and airports/accommodation, all the way up to the end until the airport again and home. There are no words good enough to express the enduring tasks this lady will do for the students. Much respect and appreciation for her work and a big thank you once again Julie.

ACCOMMODATION: Jane and Theo of La Vieille Grange are a pair to be reckoned with when it comes to hospitality and home cooked food. The sleeping quarters, surroundings and the food were A1+ in my books. And I think I may have put on a bit of weight since I was there. Theo's bread making skills were top notch and every morning and evening I polished off my plate. Hats off to that lovely couple.

WILL YOU BE RECOMMENDING EURO-TACTICAL: Most definitely without a doubt.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Price paid is nothing compared to what you leave with. £1000 is nothing compared to the top notch Instruction from Mark and team, accommodation and food, lunch and WETS at the range, unlimited ammo and the new skills, banter, new friends and the experience.

OVERALL COMMENTS: I shall be returning at some point to do a fun shoot with the guys and to keep up to scratch with skills as well as improve with advanced courses. A great big thanks to Mark and his team Ian, Dave, Rich for a fun and very educational course. They are true professionals in their elements and show passion in what they are good at. And a great big thanks to Julie for making life that little bit easier. Lastly Jane and Theo for making the stay comfortable and homely.