"Basic Foot & Mobile Surveillance Course"

Review by Lima Juliet on 26th July 2015 | Course Completed: 8th August 2014

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Level 3 Covert Surveillance Operations Course - 5 Days by Associated Risks Group

Surveillance as a capability employs a vast arena of physical and technical options.  Often misunderstood because of the high sensitivity and therefore lack of information in an open public forum, about the purpose of surveillance and it's methodology, it is a somewhat awkward  discipline to get a hold of and engage with.  Those who know it and love it; recognise that it takes months and years to develop into a truly  proficient surveillance operative, in the same way that it takes years to develop into a skilled master of arms.  The ARG Basic Foot & Mobile Surveillance Course gives you a solid foundation in the principles and mechanics of how a foot and mobile team works together and opens the door to the covert world.  For those new to surveillance, it is challenging; a steep learning curve and on completion you will have a firm grasp of the concepts and skill sets required from which to build from.  For those who already have a good idea; it will allow you to refine and practice your own skills in a dynamic environment.  This course is a great option for those interested in surveillance as a discipline in it's own right (Private Investigtors etc), but also those in Close Protection and/or those who may themselves be a target of a surveillance operation and wishing to counter it.