"Top Notch"

Review by Steve Patrick on 4th August 2015 | Course Completed: 23rd July 2015

Overall Rating 5
Review Breakdown
Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Maritime Firearms Competency - 2 Day by Euro Tactical Ltd

Thank you and your team for a really professional relaxed and informative few days. Nothing seemed to be too much, your customer service second to none and your ability to adapt and adjust to the individual or the situation was in the spirit of the experienced gained from many years at the coal front. Well done and thank you. There’s nothing like a bit of soot being blown; is there Ian :))


There was certain skill fad and rustiness gained by myself over the last few years. The thought of coming out of my comfort zone and learning new weapons was not relished. However with the expertise of Mark, Ian and Richie these fears were put at rest. Their manner and way of conveying the information and give the confidence to handle and fire was steadfast. For example I was to use a weapon that they themselves were not keen on and had little use and knowledge of it. No problem; they just got down to sorting the problems with the weapon and create a refresh and teach to give me the confidence I needed.

The choice of weapons, ammunition and husbandry coupled with the knowledge and bigger picture these guys have, are just what is needed from a customer point of view, top notch!

Administration/booking of cse:

The fact that the small outfit with family feel brought to you by your first point of contact; Julie, led to seamless information, giving you a stress free admin run. From first email contact to relevant and thoughtful care of a customers needs was evident throughout.


A choice is given to you, which can cater for all. I can only comment on Theo and Jane's B&B. Just the ticket for a quiet location and outstanding food.

Euro Tactical now have a house in the small village close to the range, which I have seen and liked; it offers a choice of self-catering or eating out and is good for a family, a group or other!

Catering on the range was a buffet and BBQ of high standard.

Will you be recommending Euro Tactical:

Yes it would be a pleasure to pass on there company name; who wouldn’t want to be taught and taken in by a caring thoughtful company; so to recommend will be simple. 

Value for money:

You pay for what you get! Good value for money.

Overall comments:

The anachronism KISS applies. Euro Tactical do just that and it works so well; no matter who you are with what back ground and skill set. Good luck with the new accommodation it has already been recommended to some enthusiastic shooters I know.

Steve Patrick