"Galahad Associates Close Protection Course"

Review by Elias Moukarzel on 5th September 2015 | Course Completed: 31st July 2015

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Close Protection Course by Galahad Associates Ltd.

In July 2015 I completed Galahad’s Close Protection Course in the Czech Republic, I can’t praise this course highly enough and would recommend it to anyone looking to get into this line of work.

My background is within the creative industries and having worked many jobs over the years within this sector I decided it wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Back in 2007 I spent two years in the TA and have always shown a keen interest in getting involved in the security industry, after speaking to a friend who is a qualified CPO I decided to take a jump and pursue the career I had always wanted.

He put me in touch with Jamie at Galahad and vier email we discussed what the course involved, I had some concerns that my lack of experience might be an issue but he assured me that this wouldn’t be a problem.

On arriving in the Czech Republic we were introduced to the instructors who between them have many years experience in multiple roles, some of these range from counter terror, royal marines, paramedics and close protection.
Something I particularly liked was that there were no egos with the instructors, as students we were encouraged to contribute with our own ideas and experiences, this added to the learning as each student had experience in different backgrounds, some already in the security industry.
The course modules are broken down across the month starting with FPOSI on week one, then moving on to Close Protection in week two with PT happening almost every day.
This is a very physical course and you will be pushed to your limit, that being said, they will work with you to improve your fitness over the month, as long as you have a basic level you will be ok.
Part of Galahad’s mantra is to raise the standards within the industry, over the weeks you are assessed individually and as a team through group exercises, the pace is fast and the standards are high, if for any reason you should fall behind on a module the training team will work with you to get you up to standard.

The value this course provides is phenomenal, flights, accommodation, training and all kit (excluding clothing) are provided, also taking into consideration this course is 25 days apposed to the majority out there of 2 weeks.

On the last week you put all your training into practice on the final exercise, this is a live job based in Prague running for several days and working in a foreign country adds that extra layer or realism to your task.
I cant give the details of this part of the course but it will test you to your limits and give you a true taste of what this job entails.

Again, I cannot recommend this course highly enough, you will gain many skills and knowledge that will become invaluable to you and the security industry, I truly believe the Galahad Associates Close Protection course is top of its class.

Elias M