"cctv - Death by powerpoint"

Review by Nathan Baroni on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

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CCTV Course by The Training Circle (UK) Ltd

Myself and a colleague took this course in chelmsford, essex, upon arrival there was no signage it was only by chance we found some other lost looking people milling around we had a vague idea where to go. Once in the classroom the tutor was late, there was no health and safety briefing, the admin was not done straight away, no register taken or even if people were in the correct course, leading one person to leave about 45 minutes in to go to the correct room. And so began the narration from the Highfield book, of each exact copy of the slide up on screen. Part one of the course, being and SIA course is the basic parts of who what and why the SIA are who and what they are. it was only once we went over it at the end of the day that the tutor turned around and said who already has an SIA badge, to which most of us said yes, only to be told " you did not have to attend this part of the course" which was not explained to us prior. The practical part of the training was broken down into 3 groups, radio use in which students were told the basics then sent out and not monitored, it was up to a few of us that had experience to pass it down to the newer guys, report writing, which again was just told the basics then just get on with it, again the experienced guys took the lead. then the actual use of equipment, which as a recorder was a VHS deck! a Pan/Tilt/Zoom stick that went up,down,left,right with no twist zoom or diagonal controls, meaning panning was choppy and almost unable to track a target without being zoomed out too far to record sufficient details. Then the test, we had questions such as "what type of explosive device is designed to set fire" Answers A- Chemical B-Incendiary C-Biological which was not taught on the course, now some people knew the answer but inly because of prior training, This was raised with the training manager and the answer given was "Its a security test, and that is a security based question" and would not understand our points of saying no, its a CCTV operators test, and it was not taught. To summarise the course, it was very basic, it gets you the relevant qualification for the SIA badge, don't take it expecting to learn every trick, or technique to do with cameras and relevant technology.