"Close Protection"

Review by Adrian Wray on 12th February 2016 | Course Completed: 12th February 2016

Overall Rating 3
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Training Received3
Customer Service3
Value for Money5

Close Protection Course by Associated Risks Group

I completed the Close Protection course in july 2015, I have been ask to give an honest review. 

There is know doubt that there is a vast amount of experience within the team delivering this course and they have all the skills,  knowledge and experience to deliver a first class course. Positives first. The firearms training was brilliant , being ex forces i am used to be shouted and screamed at and breasted up and down the range, does this help you shoot better NO!. the training with ARG was light and you were treat like Adults. Hence my fire arms skills had a sharp learning curve. Really well taught 10 out of 10 for this part of the course.

First Aid was good also not my strongest point. The instructor delivering this part of the course really new his stuff , alot to take in given the time you had to learn everything , but it was meant to be intense .

The Close protection course:

I think that the fact that there was only two of us on the course had a big impact here, you didnt feel like you got the Whole CP experience. the IT equipment to help with tasks didnt work all the time. Like i said two people doing this part of the course just didnt work, Yes by all means you may get a job where you are a PPO on your own, however in Training you want a learning curve that you feel confident and positive, i felt stressed and disheartened. I will say again i do believe more people would of changed this alot. plus my own attitude.

The Hostile Environment Training.

I expected vehicle contact drills, enbus debus ect.  it was great fun , but not what i was expecting. 

Overall i was looking for a local company because i believe in supporting local companies, 

I have more Knowledge and experience than i did prior to the course that go without saying. Paul has thrown a couple of tasks my way he dos generally want to help and is very ethusiastic. 

I have recently just done my First CP task being with another company still what i learnt on the course was put into practice and very successfull.

In hindsight . a different attitude from myself at times would of made his a better course. Excellent value you for money. Great instructors , BRILLIANT firearms Training looking forward to the Full Bore firearms training when that gets going

Make sure there is more than two on the course and im sure i would be ticking 5 stars.