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Review by Rocky Six on 25th April 2016 | Course Completed: 22nd April 2016

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Close Protection Course by Associated Risks Group

This course changed my view on what the job of a CPO really is. From day one the advice given is as practical to reality and real world situations as it on the last day when the penny drops, when everything you've been taught and told all of a sudden makes all the sense in the world.

This is not a macho contest, (leave the testosterone at home, as we were told)

The goal is protection of your client not trying to see how hard you are or a muscle flexing contest, like Paul says if it comes to that and your client is in imminent danger; you've probably not done your job well. 

Plenty of exercises on the ground to practise the skills you build on during the 20 Days (a hard 20 days)

Youre put through your mental and physical paces, through FPOSi well delivered by Darren (ARG Medical) over 4 days, Hostile Awareness (which may be getting changed due to student feedback)

Level 2 Surveillance, and all the operational planning you'll do again and again. 

I seem to hear a lot of CP courses don't even touch on operational planning at all never mind on the way ARG did it! 

This includes security surveys, route planning, threat and risk assessments, operational orders, operational briefing,  fast ball operations, this is ontop of your Advanced driving, First person on the scene Intermediate and Level 2 Surveillence qualification 

You can trust in Paul who's always cool calm and relaxed to run it smoothly, this is a man with years of training UKSF and Military police under his belt, whatever your training needs he can advise you of your best option

Keep note there's a maximum of 8 students per course and all candidates are interviewed and may not necessarily get accepted Into the course. This is to maintain a certain standard considering this being a reputation based industry.

For anyone who's unsure if just say send them a message on the Associated a Risk Group Facebook page or website