"ARG 2 Day Hostile Firearms"

Review by N Clark on 26th July 2016 | Course Completed: 20th July 2016

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Live Firearms (M4s) UK Based - 2 Day by Associated Risks Group

I attended the ARG 2 day hostile Firearms course, run by ARG and Bob Dunkley Firearms, in July 2016. This 2 day course was a combination of both the pistol course and maritime firearms course with additional training on such skills as transition drills; for me the additional training was run after the students for the pistol course (day 1) and maritime course (day 2), thus providing me with excellent 1 to 1 tuition.

From start to finish the course was excellent. Paul Hutchinson speaks to all course applicants to ensure the right kind of individual on his courses. Paul was very helpful when we spoke on the phone and, despite his busy schedule, found time to answer all my questions.

The course itself was superb. Bob Dunkley (multiple World and British champion as well as one of only 5 World Masters) has devised the syllabus. This course was taught predominantly by Paul, with oversight and input from Bob. The experience of these individuals is second to none-for decades they have taught the United Kingdom's Special Forces. Having spent 9 years in the British Army, including being taught be some of the best instructors the Army has to offer at both the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the Infantry Battle School Brecon (as well as various other courses as part of pre-deployment training for Afghanistan), I was amazed (and embarrassed) that I learned so much within the first 30 minutes of this course. It is no wonder that these gentlemen continue to be THE experts that British (and foreign) elite units rely on.

The course ensures that those who attend are both competent in weapon drills safety and also proficient and accurate shots even when under pressure.

Paul's teaching was excellent. Possessing exceptional knowledge, he passed this to the students through his calm, patient and clear delivery. The course is designed to educate, develop and inform.

I fully recommend these courses (2 day Hostile Firearms with M4 and pistol; maritime course; and 1 day pistol). Far from simply being a course where "rounds are turned into empty brass", this course both educates and develops, with education provided by the most renowned firearms experts in the UK. Any security professional seeking a firearms course would be making a mistake to choose any other course (although ARG is particular as to who they will train and work with). Any company hiring security professionals would be foolish to employ anyone that has chosen not to be trained by these experts (or been deemed unsuitable to work with ARG).