"Combat Medic"

Review by Heinz Schiller on 31st July 2018 | Course Completed: 15th March 2018

Overall Rating 2
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Combat Medic by PPA International

The Combat Medic Course PPA International offers is 10 days long, seven and a half of those days are spend in a class room were one of their instructors will read power point slides to you. After you make it through the mind numbing “death by power point” portion of the course, two and a half days of hands on training follow.

The entire theory part of the course could easily be taught online, it is essentially a standard EMT-B curriculum like you would find it at any community college. Why they require their students to fly to a god forsaken Danish city in the middle of nowhere, have them live in a training facility on the outskirts of town, just to have them suffer through a weeklong PowerPoint presentation remains their secret. The two and a half days of hands on training at the end can hardly justify the hefty price tag the course comes with.

PPA International is an uncredited school, they don’t answer to anybody. There are no academic or any other standards, if they like you and believe you will book follow up courses, they will pass you. If not, they fail you. On my course certain students had to manage multi system trauma scenarios all by themselves, under the watchful eye of an instructor, while others barley had to do anything. Needless to say who passed and who did not. Should you be successful they will send you a certificate that has the following fine print on it.

“Successful completion of the program does not warrant performance or authorize or qualify the certificate holder to perform any procedure taught on the course.”

In other words, the certificate is not the paper worth it’s printed on. Apparently not even PPA international believes that a course graduate would be able to perform any skill they teach on the -course in a real medical emergency. One might ask why they hand out certifications in the first place. The fact that the course is accredited by the Hellenic Society of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, an organization based in Greece, arguably the most corrupt country in Europe also speaks volumes all by itself.

Long story short, don’t waste your money and don’t believe the hype. PPA International is not any different than all the other “Space shuttle door gunner” medic schools. They show (I don’t want to call it teach) their students advanced medical procedures that take real paramedics years to acquire, give them a pseudo certificate at the end that relieves the school of all responsibilities should their students harm a real patient, and charge an arm and a leg for their “services”. If you want to be a medic, go and take an EMT-B course close to your home, you will save a ton of money and don’t have to subject yourself to PPA Internationals questionable ethics.