"Ronin Concepts Covert Surveillance Course Review"

Review by Aaron Williams on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

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Covert Surveillance Course by Ronin Concepts Elite Ltd

I am not being paid or receiving any benefit for writing this review. This review is my honest opinon of the course's strengths and weaknesses.


1. Simply not enough time to master the material. A course of this nature could (and probably should) duble in duration from 1 to 2 weeks. Obviously that would raise the prise, but depending on your budget it might be doable. One week is just being exposed to the tip of the iceburg.

2. I would have liked for all the instruction to be tied together. For example, a "client" presents you with a case and you undertake an "assignment" to find the information the client wants. This would build both practical and client relationship skills.

3. On site accomodation was not afforded, so I had to stay in a B&B. It's not a big negative, but on site accomodation would have made things easier.

4. Limited career/job assistance. This is standard so it's not unique to the course or Ronin Concepts itself, but it would be nice if the admin staff were more helpful and forthcoming with helping to gety our name out these since...yeah yeah yeah....it's all about who you know.


1. The lead instructor was TREMENDOUSLY impressive. He has been in the trade for several decades, and had the stories to back up his claims and instruction. He taught from experience using real-life examples. A big plus. He even helped one of the students to find CP work, which is evidence that he cares for his students after the course is completed. I would be tempted to take another course at Ronin Concepts just to learn more from the lead instructor.

2. The practical exercises were very beneficial and taught me a great deal about covert surveillance. I participated in similar exercises while in the military, but these exercises were more challenging and let me know my strengths and weaknesses.

3. The equipment provided for training was more than I expected (I brought much of my own kit since I didn't expect to be provided for). You'll want to bring your own camera and dictaphone, but they supply everything else, even cars for training.

4. Meeting other lads in the "game". Since it's about who you know, I found the course to be a good opportunity to make new contacts, especially since I'm an American enjoy working with people from different backgrounds.

Overall, I strongly recommend the course. Try to bring your mates with you so you're all on the same sheet of paper when you're on missions, jobs, etc.