"A Day To Remember."

Review by Christos Samios on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

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Training Received5
Customer Service5
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Maritime Firearms Competency - 2 Day by Euro Tactical Ltd

Hi All

Have just returned from a two day firearms course ( Maritime specific ) with Euro Tactical in Brittany.

From the outset comms and admin were top drawer. Julie was quick to respond and forward course details and liase on a regular basis with updates course details, and even local information.

The first thing that struck me with this company was the dedication of staff to provide customers with a comprehensive and realistic package that gives them the CORRECT qualification to go out and operate in the industry in accordance with current and future guidelines and legislations.

As an operator and former soldier I am no stranger to firearms, but by no means an expert. I found the whole course invalubale and would highly reccomend it to anyone either staring in the industry or already operating as a PCASP.

There are no constraints on ammunition and its related cost implications. If you reach the required criteria with 50 rounds or need to fire an additional 100 rounds, Mark and his team are more than happy to oblige. The emphasis is to make you as competent as they can in the limited time they have you for. This is a solely practical and hands on course with plenty of weapons familiarisation, practical shooting and safety drills. Powerpoint does not rear it's ugly head at Euro Tactical.

The instuctors have developed a unique style of training and their good humor and witty banter? make it a cracking couple of days. Rest assured this is a pass or fail course and for good reason, however the one to one training is aimed ( excuse the pun ) at getting you out in the industry with the right weapons skills and confidence to perform as a proffessional operator. They are not there to fail you. from the outset you are closely observed and informative feedback is offerred along with corrective advise that does make you a more comprehensive shooter.

Im not blowing smoke up anybodys a**e but I really beleive that is and extremely well put together course with expert and proven instuctors with forntline and not competition soting experience. I stongly advise all lads thinking of requalifying or trying to get into the industry to look these guys up.

Remember lads these are full bore weapons not .22 , deacts, or airsoft.