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Review by Charles Hein Wroth on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

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Hostile Environment & Corporate Close Protection Training by Perseus Risk Management

In my resettlement I started and ran a online forum called Termination Sharepoint. I started it to get the best of the best together in a forum with Forces Leavers to help spread advice, insight and guidance for all those within to benefit from and contribute towards. It is a great success and as part of the forums “Business” I vet Training Providers and Companies alike. I came across Mr Lambert online, through my forum, and he impressed from day one. Always there with helpful advice, I looked at all the options, of which there are many to chose from today. CRG, Phoenix(G4S), Task, Ronin Concepts and so many others. Perseus came top trumps. I attended the course in August. I attended as I wanted to be a qualified CPO, but also to see why so many of my members recommended it.. It gave me what I was looking for and so much more. From day 1 it comes thick and fast, a good progression through the phases, and some very high profile visits, visits that have become possible future opportunities.

With Mr Lambert, a highly experience CPO/Consultant/Security Professional and Mr Danny Smith once again a very highly experienced CPO. They both know their subject, and grade you very toughly, but Tab and Danny want you to be as good as you can be by the time the course ends, after all its not a attendance course, each man works for his pass. One thing to also remember is the huge networking value that Tab possess.. Its real ground truth experience that shows itself, but they are still humble enough to have a good laugh. Perseus Risk is slowly but surely becoming big in the industry, but I think in the next few it will be the big “Buzz Word” CP course.

Through my forum I receive post course reports from all walks of life, and when questioned, no one can match my experience on the course. I have spoke to guys that were one of 40-50 on their CP Course. Instructors didn’t remember names and it was like a factory process. Come in one side, leave the other a badged CPO. Some only having 1 command appointment. During my course I was TL twice, 2Ic Twice, PPO Driver, SAP Driver, SAP, PES, PES Driver, Surveillance Trigger, name it I did it. I receive disappointing feedback from so many courses and that’s why Perseus is leaps and bounds ahead.

From a softer point of view, the accommodation is top class, the location makes you feel like your on a country get away and its only going to get better with what Perseus are planning and from my side and so many others, Perseus is the way forward.