"NIBSSS Level 3 Close Protection"

Review by Bryan Kelly on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 4
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Training Received4
Customer Service4
Value for Money4

Close Protection Course by NIBSSS

I attended the NIBSSS Close Protection course in Oct '06.

By this time the industry was already swamped with TP's 'jumping on the bandwagon' as a result of post Gulf II and the meteoric demand for PMC's to supply skilled bods, which were readily available via the exodus of bods demobbing from the forces.

While my comments can only be formed from attending NIBSSS and no other TP for this course, I know alot of lads in the industry that have over the years provided insight into the plus points and failings of other training providers.

Which in itself is the main context of this review.

With many years in the game, I have yet to come across a single person that has anything but positive things to say about NIBSSS, ownership and instructors.

Course content is delivered by subject matter experts, with decades of experience and hell of nice guys to boot. This was not a bums on seats exercise and testiment to the fact that even at present day the coy is going from strength to strength, where a great many others have joined the ether.

Training not only covered the required CP syllabus, but included a sample of live investigation and surveillance tasks together with a nice touch of seeing current PSNI CP members attach for their refresher and final exercise.

Overall I cannot fault the course and recommend NIBSSS unreservedly to anyone looking to make inroads onto the circuit.