"All in All, It was very good"

Review by Greg Dawson on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 4
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Training Received4
Customer Service4
Value for Money5

Close Protection Course by Dean Training

Well I thought i would start my first review off with a course which I was on last August with this company. I did not pay for this course as at the time I was currently unemployed and had been pestering the people at the job centre from Nov 2011 to get me on a course. I was finally put on the course in August 2012.

First impressions were good. it was a small class (6 of us) of males and as far as I am aware a few of them were already DS badge holders. I had not been on a course for any SIA qualification prior to this. It was pretty intense from day 1 as we were given various tasks to do during the day as well as watch lots of power point slides. It was quite regimented and military run which i absolutely loved, although no PT sessions took place. I am referring to time keeping, dress etc.

Our main instructor was very good, fair and knew his stuff. He kept us entertained whilst getting the point across. We had a fair bit of homework to do most nights and during the weekend between the course. I was a bit disappointed when a couple of the guys didnt do the homework or prepare thier presentations, but I was happy in the knowledge that I had done my part and not let the others down.

We went on a days excerise with a "real" principle which I loved and after that we had our debrief to see where it went a bit wrong and what we could have improved on.

A few bits that could be improved upon are the follow up to getting your certificates. No one contacted me to say it was there and there seemed to be an inordinate delay of the certificiate arriving into the office. This is no way should shadow the course in any way shape or form.

Value for money I had to give a 5 and i would have given it a higher mark if i could, as like i said, I didnt pay for the course in the first place. I have seen a few negative comments regarding the training provider and how they can run this course so cheap. I am guessing none of these people will have even been on the course though? The trainers and staff at Dean training are all very professional and the course is good. Its an excellent set up that they have and I can not fault them. Maybe on a more expensive course you might get taught differently or have a few more hours on something, but at the end of the day, you obtain the same result and no amount of training can prepare you for real life events in the CP world. its all down to experience and actually doing the job.