"Close Protection Course CTR Services"

Review by Stan Nilsson on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 4
Review Breakdown
Training Received4
Customer Service4
Value for Money4

Close Protection Course by CTR Services Ltd

You get what you pay for and CTR did this.

the location in Yarmouth was fine and the package was value for money. The instrutor ratio was 1:11 which was good as we had plenty of opportunities to practise drills throughout. The training throughout was first class and with the addition of RAID training made the course more enjoyable. All staff were pleasant and nothing was too much trouble.

Where this course along with others falls down is with the lack of advice and false promotion. posters don the walls with opportunites for training, hostile and corporate jobs, but you left the course although qualified slightly disappointed that you may of been paying and working hard for nothing. No doubt and after speaking to others is the norm acroos the board.

This course is slightly false in the way that the only type of work you will get with them regardless of how well you did qualifications and background is to escort a Telecom engineer up to a high rise building in London and standing there watching him fix a box.

I would recommed this course as long as the individual HAS already a contract/job waiting for them. look at other courses first as if you are an ex SNCO with 22 years of experience and qualifications then you are more likely to pick up suitable work afterwards.