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Review by David Kear on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

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Close Protection Course + FPOS-I by G4S (Phoenix)

I attended this course towards the end of my service in the forces. Having spent a lot of time around the guys from CPU, I already had a good working knowledge of CP (I attended the. RMP CPC, however came off injured). I could wax lyrical about this course as everything was top notch, however will summarize below:

instructors - second to none. Obviously a wealth of experience provided by ex SAS or SF backgrounds. Approachable, who don't force their experiences upon you, however will share if asked.

Equipment - This is a non hostile cse, therefore no weapons. All other kit is second to none. They have a well maintained fleet of vehicles, leading edge communication gear and enough IT equipment to keep PC World in business.

Accomodation - This drafty, listed building is a real gem. Situated on the outskirts of Hereford, it is central enough to easily get to town for admin, but far enough away for privacy.

Exercises - there are several mini exercises throughout the course and are well designed and executed.

i oi learnt a lot more on this course than I thought I would, however there are key points that people should be aware of:

This is not a HECPO course. In order to keep costs down and relying on previous military experience, there is no weapon use on this course. If you are planning on a job in the sandpit, ensure you get hands on some weapons first, in order to brush up your skills.

This is not a military course. Due to redundancies, there were a few immature junior soldiers on the course, who took advantage or the 'laid back' persona of the course. Needless to say, you get a debrief and a report written on you at the end of the course. You are constantly being evaluated, as you would in a CP team. Remain punctual, courteous, discreet and all other qualities of a CP operator.

Think of your dress. The instructors will tell you the task. The TL will then brief on the task. Dress accordingly. A Polo shirt and cargo pants are not exactly 'Smart Casual'.

In short, a highly recommended and well run course.