"MFCC Course"

Review by Joseph McCracken on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Maritime Firearms Competency Course - 1 Day by Associated Risks Group

I attended this course just as a refresh of my skills, not within the maritime world, but In general. I learned new methods of moving, firing and using cover within a maritime setting which as we all know can be adapted for the "grunt" side of the business. Bob and Paul ar always excellent instructors and make the day both fun and informative. My skills were practised , refreshed and made so much better. As Bob says "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast".

This course is not just about a tick in the box. It is an eye opener for both beginners and experienced alike and well worth the money for lots of rounds down the range.