"M4 3 Day Training"

Review by Joseph McCracken on 11th June 2013 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Live Firearms (M4s) UK Based - 2 Day by Associated Risks Group

This course was simply excellent. After years of doing my own thing, this brought my focus and my relaxed skills back up to the level they needed to be at. everything was practised and drilled including moving from primary to secondary whilst keeping eyes on target and keeping it smooth.

this was 3 days of firing with an amazing amount of rounds on target. Red dot sights, with the M4 were brilliant and the military methods some of us oldies were taught were upgraded with new techniques and thinking.

the course was perfectly paced with a competition shoot and confirmation of training to finish with.

if you want good training with a qualification that matters when finished then get on this course.