"An excellent starting point"

Review by Steve Ward on 23rd January 2014 | Course Completed: 11th June 2013

Overall Rating 5
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Training Received5
Customer Service5
Value for Money5

Security Management - BTEC Level 4 by Control Risks Group

I did this course earlier this month and it is essentially the first part of their SMCC course, which can either be done seperatley or as a full 20 day course. I opted to do the lvel fopur 8 Day Course. The course is full board and you stay at a comfortable 4 star hotel nearby (for latest prices please consult Control Risks pages as things do change!). The training is classroom based with some pre-reading and a presentation to do before arrival. The focus is on classroom based learning with practical exercises such as in country and city briefings as well as travel plans for you as the "security manager" to prepare. There is quite a bit of out of hours work but in my opinion it is well balanced. There is a full security report for you to prepare within 6 weeks of leaving the course in order for you to attain your B-TEC level 4.

Criticisms: at no point on the course are you shown a security report or given a template. This is mitigated by you will have your final report sent back to you to correct.

One or two of the guest speakers were just a wee bit keen to get back on the road to London!

Good Points: Our Main tutor was clearly an expert in his field with a wealth of experience to back up his teaching. All the guest speakers were clearly experts in their respective fields, in regards to information and physical security.

On the whole I thought it was value for money!