"Hawki\'s training experience"

Review by Paul Mercer on 16th February 2014 | Course Completed: 1st January 2014

Overall Rating 4
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Training Received4
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Close Protection Course by Hart-Hawki

I completed my training with Hawki in December 2013. Overall the training was good and the Hostile environment package was fun (being run in the Czech republic) one thing I will stress is, they do suggest that 79% of students go on to full employment. I think this is misleading. I've done their course, passed well, but I'm still out of a CP job! They may offer you employment if you can score well over 80% in the online written exam. One good thing about Hawki is if you do fail the exam you can try again on the same day, unlike many other providers who do a paper version and therefore you'd have to wait a week for your results and have to return to that provider weeks later to take a retest! Overall the training was good, I can't comment on others or compare them to others but I've gained the standard qualifications required to work in CP.